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J Turbo

J Turbo is an ultra-fine grinder on the grinding principle of mutual collision of material itself accelerated by
counter-flow jet-streams. Ground material to the aimed particle size is discharged from the outlet of classifying chamber.
Since the air temperature inside the grinding chamber is suddenly cooled down because of the adiabatic expansion of compressed air into atmospheric pressure, ground product is free from the damaged caused by milling heat.



  1. Less wear-out
    Since the grinding principle of mutual collision of material itself, it makes less wear-out on the chamber and accordingly contamination is also less. As an optional specification, ceramic made chamber is also available.

  2. Sharpe particle size distribution curve
    Ground product has sharp particle size distribution curve, since it is classified in the classifying chamber after grinding process. The classifying point can be adjusted by changing the product discharge outlet opening size.

  3. Very easy machine cleaning
    The main part of the machine can easily be dismantled without using tools. Further no powder clogging inside the classifying chamber takes place, since there is no rotating part in it.

Standard specifications

Model TJ-60 TJ-120 TJ-250
Throughput (kg/h) 0.5 0.1~3 0.5~20
Max. feed-size (mm) 0.9 1.5 3.1
Require air volume at 0.7 MPa (Nm3/min) 0.18 0.7 3.3
Motor power of compressor (kW) 2.2 7.5~11 22~37
Dimensions (mm) 420×305×280 730×450×500 2,150×1,180×2,470